Freshsperse AM50

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Molecular Weight = 175.2
Molecular Formula, C8H17NO3
Melting Point, decomposes > 105 C
CAS#: 1154344-38-3

FRESHSPERSE AM50 is a new zero VOC multifunctional product for paints and coatings. FRESHSPERSE AM50 is supplied as a 50% aqueous solution with no co-solvents or glycols. FRESHSPERSE AM50 in its pure state is a highly crystalline solid with a melting point greater than 100 C. Self condensation occurs at temperatures above 105 C. FRESHSPERSE AM50 enables the production of zero VOC, zero odor latex paints and coatings with conventional resin systems.

In the grind, a use level of 0.5 to 1.5% will allow for pigment dispersions of up to 79% rutile. Do not add emulsion polymer to the grind as FRESHSPERSE AM50 will coalesce the resin and the pigment will become too viscous too grind. Only grind with water. FRESHSPERSE AM50 will also replace your coalescing solvents, as well as provide improved wetability.

FRESHSPERSE AM50 is a zwitterionic product that does not increase the pH beyond the 7-8 range prior to neutralization. It is recommended that a resin with the desired pH of 9-10.5 is utilized. However, if needed, neutralizing with lime, calcium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide or caustic will buffer the system in the desired range of 9.0 to 10.5. Amines can also be used, but then VOC from the amine will be present. Neutralizing with an aqueous salt of zinc brings other unique properties.

FRESHSPERSE AM50 is fungal resistant, but water soluble. In the final step, just prior to pH adjustment, partially neutralizing FRESHSPERSE AM50, 50% is recommended, with a water soluble zinc salt will render FRESHSPERSE AM50 insoluble and greatly enhance the fungal resistance of coatings. Additionally, by rendering the dispersant insoluble, a more water and chemical resistant film is achieved. The addition of zinc in this way yields a well dispersed and immobile form that is a particularly effective way of imparting anticorrosive properties in coatings that require it without an additional costly grind step.

When working with FRESHSPERSE AM50, it is recommended that you initially do not add coalescing agents, or glycols. It also recommended that you evaluate the formula without biocides or fungicides. Many formulas will not need any of the previously mentioned additives.

  • Patent Pending or covered by US Patent 7,851,652 and others.